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Martha "Jo" Suttles                         

Storyteller, Folk Singer, Character Interpreter

Jo Suttles is a firm believer in "life long learning" and that one should have fun learning new things.  In the last few years she has revived a talent and gift she has for storytelling, a gift she says she received from her father, a Southern Baptist minister and avid storyteller. 

In her storytelling, she uses music, costumes, character interpretations and appropriate props to make the experience a truly enjoyable, entertaining and educational time.

When she is asked to do a program for a school, she wants to know what the students will be studying at the time of the program.   She then presents a program that complements the teacher's efforts and enhances the subject matter.  In this way the program becomes educational, entertaining and FUN! 

She uses a number of techniques in making the storytelling experience special.  Some of those include music (folk songs, musical instruments), costumes, character interpretations, mountain jack tales, fairy tales, folk tales, tall tales, and ghost stories. 

She has done considerable research on special interest topics of the Appalachian Mountains--quilts and quilting, herbs (fragrant, medicinal and kitchen), Blue Ridge Parkway history, Appalachian folk music and instruments (dulcimer, guitar, banjo, violin, harmonica and jaw harp).  She has often been asked to present programs that include one or more of these topics.  While this is not storytelling per se, it is a part of Jo's "life long learning" philosophy and she enthusiastically presents these topics to that end.

She has been a presenter in the Catawba Valley Storytelling Festival, sponsored by Catawba County Historical Foundation.  The festival's location is at historic Murray's Mill, near Hickory, NC.  

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Contact information:  Jo Suttles, 163 Hudson Cajah Mountain Road, Hudson, NC  28638, Phone:  828-728-9707;  E-mail jo@tsuttles.com.


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