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If you enjoy fresh mountain air and the peace that only the North Carolina mountains can give, a visit to our Tuckaway Vacation Homes page will convince you that this immaculate, superbly furnished and decorated home should be your home while visiting in our part of the world.  

About the happy hosts......

Jo Suttles is a school teacher by training but has a great gift of storytelling, folk singing and lots of other neat stuff.  She can hold the attention of the most unruly crowd (young and old).  She gets rave reviews when she participates in a storytelling festival or does a program at a school.  She has been asked to be a part of the Catawba Valley Historic Foundation's first three annual Storytellers' Festivals at Murray's Mill near Hickory, NC.  Visit Jo's Storytelling page to learn more about this wonderful educator/entertainer.

Tom Suttles, Jo's husband, is a CPA and has a strong background in taxation, having spent a good deal of time with one of the Big 6, Big 4 or whatever it is now.   He was an instructor in Deloitte & Touche's national tax education program.  Having been a controller and VP of Finance in a couple of manufacturing companies, he is quite versed in the day to day operations--at all levels--of both a mature company and an exciting startup.  Check out Tom's web page to learn more.

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